Get to know us

We are two happy people travelling from the Netherlands all the way to Asia. On our way we would like to see the nature of countries we travel trough and get to know the people that live in them. Because we care a lot about our beautiful planet, we try to leave the smallest possible footprint behind us as possible. That’s why we decided not to fly.

We are travelling with backpacks, with our thumbs up to the east. We love to find local underground scenes, street life, abandoned places, and true spirit of individuals around the world. We are both Freegans, which means we do not buy any animal products, however we always keep an eye out for food to save from being wasted.

With this blog we want to show that travelling does not need to be expensive and inspire people to travel with free spirit and trust in the people. We will keep you posted about the money we spent (or not) for accommodation, food and other activities.

We both just graduated. Ana at Visual Communication, Illustration and Jelle at Audio Visual Production. So there will be a lot of visual stuff going on.